We think of Food Co-ops as kindred spirits.

That same interest in Open Book Management. That same interest in creating a great experience for customers and staff. And intentionally building a great culture and a strong foundation of systems. 

And so, we curated selection of the resources we offer just for you!  

What follows are tools and recipes for great customer service, a great employee experience and open book management, all chosen for the unique challenges that Co-op’s face.

giving great customer service!

service-1.pngESSAY : ZXI - A New Way to Measure Service
Star.jpgE-NEWS : The 10-4 Rule 
WEBINAR : Zingerman's 3 Steps to Giving Great Service
BOOK : Guide to Giving Great Service
DVD : 3 Steps to Giving Great Service
DVD : 5 Steps to Handling a Customer Complaint
SEMINAR : The Art of Giving Great Service 


ESSAYWhy Open Book Management
WEBINARAll About Open Book Management
WEBINARMeaningful Metrics
DVDZingerman's 3 Steps to Great Finance
SEMINAROpen Book Management

leading-with-zing-10.pnga great place to work!

READ : Our Guiding Principles
READ : Our Vision for 2020
READ : How we manage our Giving
E-NEWS : Zingerman's 12 Natural Laws of Business
SEMINARLeading With Zing!
SEMINARWorking With Zing!

what your co-op colLeagues say about us :

sepia bagel love.jpg“The trainer and staff passion for Open Book Management have helped me become excited about taking this back to my team.” -- Seward Community Co-op

“The discussions helped to contextualize many of the techniques I try to practice, offering new angles on familiar ideas.” -- Boise Food Co-op

“A TON of very useful info. Great teachers who work at a comfortable pace. Very engaging with lots of snacks and breaks.” -- East End Food Co-op


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