Great Customer Service can be a game changer. Why is it so hard to find?

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We have so many thoughts on the whole Customer Service thing, we've written a BOOK about it. In the meanwhile, here are our top two reasons on why Great Customer Service is hard to find :

  • Most businesses don't DEFINE what they mean by Great Customer Service.
  • Most businesses don't systematically TEACH their teams how to DELIVER the aforementioned, now well-defined Great Customer Service.


Okay. I'll bite. How do you define Customer Service? Wait. How do you TEACH customer service?

eating the world.jpgThanks! Well, we're a food business, so we made recipes for :

WEBINAR : Giving Great Customer Service

WEBINAR : Effectively Handling Customer Complaints

We teach these recipes to every single person we hire, customer facing or not. 

We make following the recipes a job expectation. And give our staff the tools & resources they need to meet them.


Like the 10-4 Rule?

YES! Now yours to download, print, share and practice. Here's why we absolutely LOVE this Rule.

  • It sets the tone for a GREAT customer experience.
  • It's easy to understand, teach and follow.
  • It's a clear expectation and it's easy to see if it's being met.
  • It's FREE. 
  • Best of all, we've been practicing it for decades and it delivers great results!


Need help getting started? 

We made you that 5 STEP recipe over there. Check it out. And if you still need help, connect with us!

guy loves computer-1.jpgNot only CAN we help. We really, really want to! 

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Wait. Who are you again?

ZingTrain shares ZIngerman's unique and uniquely successful approach to business with organizations all across the country. And globe.

Zingerman's is a Community of 10 Businesses all based in Ann Arbor, MI. We are nationally recognized not just for our delicious food but for our stellar customer service and our somewhat radical business practices.

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