Frequently asked questions on e-Learning!

Here's What you May want to know!

What is a lms?

LMS stands for Learning Management System - in otherwords, it's an online method or tool for delivering training.

WHAT courses are available?

ZingTrain currently offers two main courses: Zingerman's 3 Steps to Giving Great Service and 5 Steps to Effectively Handling Complaints, and one bonus course, What is Zingerman's, Anyway?

WHAT is included in the courses?

Both Service courses are content-rich, with many tips, tools, and practical information on delivering great service and handling complaints well.  At the end, you'll also hear from Zingerman's CEO and Co-Founding Partner on how Zingerman's approach to customer service has made a differnce over our many years in business!

HOW LONG will it take me to finish THE COURSES?

Each course is self-paced!  We find that they take approximately 20-25 minutes each, but each learner has their own pace, so you can go as fast or as slow as is right for you.


Absolutely not - the LMS will save your place for you, and when you're ready to pick it up again, you'll be offered the option to either continue where you left off or start fresh.

how is the information delivered?

With a mix of voice over, on-screen text, examples of Zingerman's materials, videos of Zingerman's staff sharing their thoughts and video examples of the content.  You'll also have the chance to check your knowledge and retention of the material toward the end of the course!

Can i take the courseS on my iphone, Android, mac, pc, etc.? 

You bet!  The courses are designed to be highly adaptive, and will work on just about every device - though we find a laptop or desktop to be the best learning experience.  You will want to be on WIFI to take the courses, so as not to use up all your data.

How long can I access the courses?

For a year!  


Absolutely!  When you've completed each course, you'll see a personalized certificate of completion, just for you.

Can I share access with my brother/wife/co-worker/best friend/employee?

Of course, by purchasing them their own "seat" in the LMS!  Each login will give access to one individual to take both customer service courses, including that personalized certificate.  If you would like to buy access for multiple people, we offer two specially priced multi-seat bundles. 

And if you'd like to get many more seats at one time, let us know at and we'll work with you to make it happen!

I'm sold!  how do I get access?

Great!  Once you've added ZingTrain's Customer Service e-Learning to your cart and checked out, you'll receive an email with access to our LMS.  That email will include usernames and passwords for each seat, along with instructions on what to do next.

I HAVE A technical question about using the LMS ...

We thought you might!  There's a second FAQ in the LMS that specifically addresses the techincal side of things.

I have another question that isn't addressed - how can i get more help?

Give us a ring at 734-930-1919 or drop us a line at - we'll be standing by!