preview of customer service e-learning

want to see what you'd get with the customer service e-learning?  Here are some highlights!

We're hoping these preview shots will whet your appetite and make you hungry for more!

Home page of the LMS (Learning Management System):

LMS - Home Screen.png


Front PAGE OF THE 3 steps to giving great service course:

3 Steps - Course Intro.png


Course navigation: 

A quick video packed with useful information on navigating the courses.

Navigation Guide.png



Almost every page includes voiceover!

3 Steps - What is a Recipe.png


Many opportunties to reflect and apply the content to your own business or organization!


3 Steps - Why Give .png


Zingerman's staff from around the Community of Businesses share their insight on the Zingerman's Service Approach in each course.


3 Steps - Zing Reasons to Give.png


Many different ways to interact with the courses, from text entry and videos above to examples of the concepts in action, below.


3 Steps - 10-4 in action.png


3 Steps - 10-4 in action flipped.png


Have questions? Check out the  Customer Service e-Learning FAQ  


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